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Outdoor Visitations at Park Health Center

July 24, 2020
St. Clairsville, Ohio - The waiting and anticipating have finally ended! Do you want to visit a loved one at Park Health? Now is the time.

There are a few rules we must abide by as set forth by the state of Ohio.

1. Outdoor visitation will be restricted if the resident has symptoms of COVID- 19 or if they have tested positive in the last 21 days.
2. Outdoor visitation requests are scheduled by Vicki Williamson, our Activities director, at 740-695-4925. They will be Monday thru Friday 8:30 to 4:30. These will be with a 1-hour limit.
3. No more than three visitors per visit. Considerations and limitations will be made on a case by case bases, dependent on safe social distancing.
4. All visiting individuals are required to be screened for COVID- 19 using criteria established from current local, state, and federal guidelines.
A. Those not passing the screening will be denied outdoor visiting permission.
B. Those permitted outdoor visitation will be required to show a government issued ID with photo, name, and address entered in a log that we must maintain for at least six months.
5. Screened and approved outdoor visitors are required to wear a mask during the visit. Residents, where possible, will also be required to wear a mask.
6. Hand hygiene will be made available to visitors and residents for use before, during, and after the outdoor visit.
7. Any visitor who cannot tolerate a face mask, or is not recommended to wear a mask will be denied an outdoor visit. (i.e. children under 2, and individuals medically unable to wear a face mask, etc.) For these individuals, the facility may provide alternatives such as, virtual communications (i.e., phone, Skype, FaceTime, etc.)
8. Residents are reminded about the risks of COVID- 19 spread and the appropriate measures to take to protect themselves and their visitors.
9. Residents and visitors are required to have a contact-free visit. If contact does occur, the resident shall perform immediate hand hygiene and on returning inside, if possible, change cloths.
10. Touched items such as wheelchairs are sanitized following the outdoor visit with a kill claim disinfectant for COVID 19.
11. Where there is more than one visitor, the facility will ensure enough space for appropriate distancing.
12. If outdoor visits are not possible due to unusual circumstances including but not limited to severe or inclement weather, active COVID -19 facility outbreak, and heightened alert from the Ohio Public Health System, the facility will continue to offer alternatives (i.e. phone, Skype, FaceTime, etc.)
13. The facility may temporarily suspend outdoor visits if the administration has deemed them not in the best interest for the safety and security of residents and staff. Considerations for suspension of outdoor visits include but may not be limited to case status in surrounding community, case status in the facility, staffing levels, access to adequate testing for residents and staff, personal protective equipment, supplies, and local hospital capacity.

Now that you know the rules, let the long awaited visits begin!

Reach out to Vicki Williamson at 740-695-4925 to schedule your visit now!

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