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Park Health Heroes: Renee

April 3, 2020
St. Clairsville, Ohio - Today's Park Health Hero is Renee Gordon, CDM, DTR. During this pandemic, Renee set out to keep the building fed. This is no easy task! Renee has taken on feeding ALL of the Staff members on both dayshift and nightshift. Renee's been focusing on pushing fluids and nutritious meals to everyone to help keep their bodies strong and energized.

"I've been in the food service for almost 35 years, going on three years here at Park Health. My hobbies include racing my Dodge challenger across the state line from PA to make sure the Residents and Staff are getting a variety of foods and beverages to stay healthy and hydrated! I truly love the Residents like they are my family, and I include love in everything I make daily for them. After this all passes, we will have everyone over for a cookout!"

Thank you for everything you do for us, Renee (and your whole dietary team). We appreciate it, and you truly are a Park Health Hero!

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