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Park Health Heroes: Tammie

April 10, 2020
St. Clairsville, Ohio - Today's Hero of the Day is our DON, Tammie Howell. While this pandemic is occurring, rest assured that Tammie is on top of it! She is here early in the morning, checking on the midnight staff, taking temperatures of staff coming in, and making sure the building is running efficiently. Tammie has been in long term care for over 23 years and has been our DON for ten years.
Tammie stated, "To all of our families, we love your family like our own and we are taking good care of them. They miss and love you, but we will keep them well until you can see them again." "Also, thank you to our staff for all the hard work and care they give every day without a thought to themselves during this time. You guys are the best in the valley and we appreciate you all!"

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Park Health Heroes: Tammie
We appreciate you so much!

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