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St. Clairsville Nursing Home Highlights Resident of the Month

Januar 17, 2020
Evelyn was born in Martins Ferry on February 18, 1929, to Robert and Hilda Wolfe and is now 90 years of age.

Evelyn has one brother. They were raised by their grandparents. Evelyn spent time living in Morristown, later moving to St. Clairsville.

Evelyn enjoyed her childhood. She would come home and eat her cornflakes so she could get outside and play in the woods. Evelyn would run and jump on the back of the train. That’s until she got caught.

There was a big snow in 1936. Evelyn was about 6 years old living in Morristown. The snow was up to her waist. Her bud driver left her off at the stop, leaving her alone, standing in the cold. As Evelyn would walk towards home she would see her grandmother coming towards her, lifting her up to carry her home.

Evelyn went to school and graduated from St. Clairsville. From graduation, she married her husband, Andy Anderson, of 50 years. They were blessed with 3 boys and 1 girl. Evelyn had a wonderful marriage and family.

Evelyn worked 20 years as a prep manager at Ponderosa. She and her husband traveled to Arizona, Paris, Hawaii, and Germany. Evelyn helped her husband with the Scouts for 35 years, having a Cub group of her own. She was joined by 9 others singing around the area, including Park Health.

Evelyn is an amazing woman. We are blessed to have her here at Park Health. When you see her, say hello!

Park Health Center and its parent company, Foundations Health Solutions, strive to be a "Culture of Care" - in every aspect of what we do. Whether physical health and rehabilitation in the walls of our nursing homes or out in our communities nurturing relationships and connections, we aim to cultivate strong and healthy lives.

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